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About RMP

Our mission here at Roseville Meal Prep is to ensure we provide people with low calorie, proportioned meals to satisfy your taste buds at an affordable price. We go with our motto of, "Don't fret, let us do the prep," because we believe that we can give you that time back in counting calories and weighing food to get a macro count so you may ENJOY your food. We don't skimp and cut corners on our recipes we produce because we source our food locally here in northern California. . Our goal is to be as Eco-friendly as possible when we produce our meals which is why we offer our BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) & CCP (Clean Container Program) here at RMP. We encourage anyone who is looking to change their eating habits, try new foods, have an active lifestyle, or on the go constantly to give us an opportunity to help you satisfy your hunger and fuel you with nutrients your body deserves.

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